Tiny House Build Recap – Part 1 – The Trailer

2014 the project begins with the demo of an RV trailer purchased for $400 off Craigslist.

The trailer is arguably the most important portion of the tiny house, and is typically the most expensive. Dad calculated the anticipated weight of our materials to ensure the axels could handle the weight.

After plenty of sandblasting and grinding, some additional steel was welded to the frame for structure. We then used rivets to add sheet metal to the underside.

You can see additional information about the trailer build costs here.


I took a summer welding class one year at college, but didn’t trust my rusty skills for something this crucial in the build. Shout out to my buddy and fellow tiny house builder Jeff for welding these additional supports onto the frame!

jeff welding the frame29IMG_20160731_173058IMG_20160731_173110IMG_20160807_140916IMG_20160813_203525IMG_20160813_2035252

It was exciting to get the ball rolling. The project was finally taking shape… an ugly shape, but a shape none the less. With the trailer complete, we could now start working on the frame.

You can see a video of my build below.


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