Tiny House Build Recap – Part 2 – Framing

Framing was a new experience for me. Luckily I had my father there to coach me through it and my brother lended some additional muscle. This phase began with an enormous load of lumber dropped off in the driveway and a sucking sound proceeding from my bank account.

I picked up a nail gun on Amazon and we went to work.


Around this time I had bought my first drone so that I could try to work my way into the Unmanned Aerial Systems industry so I made sure to get a few shots from the air.




Washington is known for its rainy weather, so I bought an enormous tarp from Harbor Freight to cover the project when we were done for the evening.


I love the framing in this photo 🙂 (Photo credit to my Mom)


While I don’t intend on driving this house around the country I will need to drive it to the family farmland, so we made the headers pretty heavy duty above the windows for added stability. We did the same thing over the wheel wells on the trailer.


The roof joist were placed on 2ft centers. This would allow for a skylight to be centered above the kitchen to provide natural light and reduce the need for energy consumption.


Looking back through these pictures this feel like forever ago! It’s funny to look at the house in it’s initial stages… they grow up so fast.

You can see a video of my build below.


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