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I am a military veteran, urban farmer, and financial coach whose goal is to spread knowledge of financial literacy and sustainability throughout the Pacific Northwest. I enjoy spending time outdoors where I frequently test my wilderness survival skills.

Starting the Tiny House Build

Trying to build a home out on the farm without good access to electricity or my tools just wasn’t feasible. I was naïve to think I could do that all by myself. I sat here for several months with my … Continue reading

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5 Item Survival Trip

I’ve been being an armchair survivalist for the last few weeks now. Alone, Naked and Afraid, The Island… I love that stuff. Me and the Discovery channel are like this (crosses fingers). This weekend was my turn to play. I … Continue reading

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My Birthday Truck – Optimus Not-So-Prime

I am now the semi proud owner of not 1, but 2, 1986 beater Ford F150 trucks. I was born in 86, so I feel a connection to these trucks. If I were a truck… the first one looks how … Continue reading

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Primitive Survival Traps

I’ve been wanting to practice primitive trapping techniques and finally got the chance. I was joined on this project by my Army buddy Mike. We started by rigging snares. The basic principle is that a slip knot noose is tied … Continue reading

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Winter Babies – Goats, Rabbits, BSF Larvae

As I was preparing my house for the rental market I figured I’d give the rabbits some time outside in the yard. They cleared up all the weeds and ate the remainder of the winter kale. They also made some … Continue reading

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No Power? No Problem – Survival Project for Kids

In recent months we have had severe wind storms in the Pacific Northwest that knocked out power in several homes in my area. Odds are if you are in your house and the power goes out, you already have some … Continue reading

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Primitive Pottery

I’ve been wanting to make another container for boiling water besides a burn bowl. Making pottery seemed like a good method. I sourced some clay from the riverbank and mixed it with sand to act as a temper (Temper helps … Continue reading

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