Rocket City Popsicles from Green Apple Juice

This is my first update since moving across the nation to Huntsville, Alabama aka the Rocket City (note my appropriately themed hoodie). One thing pretty popular in this town is a boutique popsicle shop called “Steel City Pops.”

I wondered how a popsicle shop like this could stay in business in a rather upscale area, but turns out the popsicles were pretty tasty, with flavors like Strawberry Lemonade, and Banana, along with ice cream themed flavors.

In typical fashion I figured, I’d like to make some of these myself.

The main flavor I wanted to make actually originated from a work trip to Dubai. I was staying in a pretty swanky hotel, and in the morning they had several options of juice in the lounge, to include green apple. I loved the tart flavor. It was like drinking sour patch kids.

sustainablecraig drinking green apple juice

Juice is full of sugar, even when it’s just natural, so I typically limit my intake to stay on track with my fitness goals. That being said, a popsicle made from green apple juice with a hint of lemon sounded like a perfect desert for the summer months.

I needed two items for this project; a juicer and a popsicle mold. I picked up both from Amazon. I have included affiliate links in this article. Using the links to purchase these items doesn’t add to your cost, however will result in Amazon giving me a small referral commission for the sale. Now that the legal disclaimer is out of the way, we shall continue.

sustainablecraig with juicer

I opted to purchase a macerating juicer or slow/cold juicer. This type of juicer tends to cost slightly more that a regular juicer, however they are said to create more juice from the same amount of produce, and because the process is slower it doesn’t cause heat which can degrade the nutritional value of some ingredients. I intend to use this for some future projects where I want to highest possible nutrient density, so the macerating functionality beat out my frugality.

sustainablecraig green apple juice and juicer

To complete this recipe I used 14 granny smith apples each averaging the size of a tennis ball. I also squeezed one lemon into the juice mixture because I like that extra tart taste.

sustainablecraig popsicle mold with green apple juice 1

I cut the apples into quarters and removed the stems and seeds prior to putting them in the juicer, then let it work its magic.

sustainablecraig popsicle mold with green apple juice 2

The juice comes out a bit frothy. I mixed it with my lemon juice, poured it into the mold, and stuck it in the freezer for 24 hours.

sustainablecraig popsicle mold in freezer

The apple core remnants and the juicer waste are great additions to your compost bin. Don’t have a compost bin? See how to make one here.

sustainablecraig eating popsicle

The result was really tasty! Give it a try and tell me in the comments what you think.

14 granny smith apples
1 lemon

Macerating juicer
Popsicle mold

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