About Me

The more I learn, the less I feel that I know.

I’m not here to tell you I know everything. I’m here to share the knowledge I’ve gained thus far. I’ve done loads of research, blazed the trail, and organized the information on how to get started. Now all you have to do is absorb it, and take action.

I graduated with a degree in Anthropology (The study of foreign cultures) and I have a Permaculture Design Certificate through Geoff Lawton (GeoffLawton.com). I also recently completed the Master Gardener Program and am now considered a Master Gardener Trainee. I am a beekeeper, arborist, and gardener. I also raise chickens, rabbits, worms, and have built my own aquaponics system.


Other Background

I served in the military for several years working my way up through the ranks. I was in the field artillery and served as a recruiter. I am certified as a paratrooper, hand to hand combat instructor, completed air assault school, wildland firefighter training, and the combat lifesaver course, as well as some other stuff that doesn’t sound quite as cool or impressive. I worked all through college, earned several merit-based scholarships, and used my GI Benefits so that I could graduate debt free.

I am very good at personal finance and run another site as well www.smartermoneymanagement.blogspot.com. Financial stability is crucial to being sustainable because stuff in our society costs money.

Each year I add more productive plants to my yard. I’m trying to replace my entire diet with food grown from my small urban backyard.

I stay healthy. I stay fit. I practice what I preach.

Also check out my Youtube Channel http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGYecfltYfy6-c_1YDQPLIg

Goal of this Site

I want to show people you don’t have to be some weirdo to jump on the sustainability bandwagon. I don’t think the world is going to end tomorrow, but if it did, I’d be ready. I own guns, eat meat, and am a fan of electricity. Being self-sufficient is really cool! It empowers you, and helps you become a better problem-solver. It makes you feel useful in tough situations and will also make you an asset to your community.

This site is meant to showcase my current projects and to help others follow in suit. Many of the builds on my site modify existing designs to improve their efficiency.

My articles are like sustainability spark notes. I try to cut to the important material because sifting through all of the bad information on the net is exhausting and time consuming. I’ll try to link to all of my sources. If you require more details about a project or build leave a comment or shoot me an email at sustainablecraig@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to get you that information.

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