Tiny House Build Recap – Part 5 – Roofing

Every bit of this tiny house design was meticulously planned. The roof was no exception. I wanted to install a metal roof because I want to harvest rainwater for my garden and some other projects.

Water collected from a traditional shingle roof contains far too many contaminants in my experience. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may remember when I setup a tilapia fish breeding tanks in the living room of my house #bachelorpad. I wanted to avoid the chemicals in the local tap water so I figured I’d fill the tanks with water from my rain barrels. BAD IDEA. After I had filled the tanks with a full drums worth of water (55 gallons) I let it warm up in my house for a few days to bring it closer to a temp where the fish could survive. Prior to putting in any fish I went to check on the tank, and saw this oily film across the top of the water. It was gross. It was like I made a mini model of the BP oil spill. I definitely wouldn’t be using that for fish I wanted to eventually eat!

So this time around, I wanted a metal roof, free of oil residue.

We started by cutting out the hole for the skylight, placing it between two roofing joist. Then we stapled down roofing felt and installed the skylight.


Once the skylight was installed the roofing snapped into place without too much difficulty, however cutting the roofing around the skylight had a bit of a pucker factor element to it as I hadn’t purchased any extra roofing. So if I messed up the cut, it would be weeks until I could get a replacement, and winter was coming…


Getting some aerial shots with my brother using my Phantom 3 after getting a job in the drone industry.





With the roof complete. We no longer had to drag that ridiculous circus tent over the project each night. Now we could start working on the siding.

You can see a video of my build below.


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