Tiny House Build Recap – Part 4 – Weather Proofing and Windows

The mission at this point of the build was to get this thing weather proof so I wouldn’t have to tuck it in for bed with that enormous tarp each night.

In case you hadn’t heard, it rains a lot in Washington and wet wood can cause problems. A wet Craig, causes more problems. Now before you get all, “Stop being a wimp about the rain,” remember this isn’t my day job, this is my side project. While I am fully capable of embracing the suck, doing construction in the rain is miserable. If I wanted to be miserable, I would have stayed in the military.

Back to the work.

Stapling up Tyvek sheeting is fairly straightforward. The trick is sealing it correctly with tape around the window and door openings.


It was quite the relief to have some added protection. In construction and in life, always wrap it up.

You can see a video of my build below.


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