Tiny House Build Recap – Part 6 – Siding

With the addition of the siding it was finally looking like a house. A very small house, or a very ritzy shed, but to me, this would be home. The biggest pain about this portion of the project was notching the tops of each board to fit around the ceiling rafters. Lots of climbing up ladders, measuring, cutting, test fits, followed by touch-up cuts when it didn’t fit right. This part took a long time and a lot of patience.

DSC04598DSC04600With the weather being bad, I still needed to get the exterior siding painted. The inside of the tiny house served as a storage shed for pieces we were trying to keep out of the weather. Unfortunately this made it a shuffle puzzle every time to get to any of our tools or other parts.DSC04652DSC04654DSC05256DSC05259DSC05266We attached some scrap pieces of siding along the door edge so that we could properly fit the door frame in place.DSC05273DSC05279DSC05281DSC05286DSC05311DSC05312DSC05321

Life isn’t always full of smiles and rainbows… but somedays it is.”

DSC05338DSC05342As weather rolled in we were happy to have this place buttoned up for the winter, especially because I’d be spending the next 3 months in the desert on a work trip. At this point we had a shell and the next parts would prove the most challenging yet; plumbing and electrical.

You can see a video of my build below.


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