What to do with that honey stuck at the bottom of the jar…

You try to get every last drop of honey out of the jar but its stuck to the side and refuses to flow downward. Even after heating up the container, it still moves slower than people walking in front of a Walmart. You give up, and go to toss it in the trash… but then you remember reading this post.


Save those containers and give them to a local beekeeper. While it definitely isn’t worth your time to harvest every last drop of honey, it is for the bees.


I salvaged this container of honey from the top of the trash can in my work break room. When I got home I removed the lid, and set it near the entrance to one of my hives. Within hours the bees had cleaned every speck of honey out of that container.




They got fed, we kept organic waste out of the landfill, and it didn’t cost me a dime. Everyone wins.

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