9 Years Deep

Hello readers. I’d like to start by saying thank you for taking the time to read my blog! We are 9 years deep into this thing and it’s been a lot of fun.

This all started with my trying to save money on my monthly bills. Growing my own food sounded like a great way to cut down on my food budget. Seriously, that’s how this whole site got started, me trying to save money so I could retire early and spend my days tinkering on projects. (You can see my original 4ft by 4ft raised bed garden below)

DSCF2481quail with its eggchicken

As I began to educate myself through YouTube and documentaries on Netflix I realized that I can save money while being a more responsible steward of the planet. I like win win scenarios.

Craig feeding bamboo leaves to the rabbits

While the intent was to save money, ironically I’ve pissed away a lot of cash on the projects depicted in this thing… thousands and thousands of dollars. The failures really stacked up; two failed aquaponics systems, failed attempt at fish breeding, racoons killing off my chickens, bees dying off from mysterious diseases in the winter, multiple issues with the tiny house build and more.

What I gained though is hard to put a price tag on though. I’m not gonna say it’s priceless, because that’s some played out shit and we don’t do that here 😉 To have the confidence in your own abilities which you have earned through doing, that’s is valuable. It is one thing to watch a video or read a book on a topic. It is a whole new level to be able to attempt projects while troubleshooting on the fly.

blue tilapia

I’ve had to disappear from time to time, not posting for stretches of time while I had to go earn some coin. Did I mention how this stuff is expensive?!

Here we are 9 years later. I learned how to grow almost my entire diet, bought 22 acres of land, and built a tiny house from scratch. I sold my traditional house, and am ready to dive straight into the deep end.


There has been some struggles and heartbreak along the journey but I feel very blessed to be where I’m at right now and to have such a wonderful support system around me. I’m in a great spot and have momentum. Thanks for coming with me on the journey.

Sustainable Craig with User Friendly Chicken Coop

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