Making a Mug From a Tree Branch

With the tiny house being complete I finally had some spare time to just make something for fun.

I’d seen some variations of viking mugs online, and what could go better in a tiny house than a HUGE mug…


I started by selecting a limb I’d removed from a Black Walnut tree last year. Using my chop saw, I cut it to the desired size.

For the next step I picked up a special multi-spur bit on Amazon to bore out the center hole and mounted it to the drill press. (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, so if you’d like to help support this site, please use the links in this post)

While ideally I would have liked a bigger opening, the bit prices go up exponentially after this size. Cutting through this much material dulled the bit really fast. I had to use a rasp/file to sharpen the edge several times.


I crafted a handle from another slice of the same original limb, shaping it with a band saw and some a sanding drum kit on the drill press. I used the same sanding tools to enlarge the mouth of the mug as well, adding a taper to the edge so that it could actually function for drinking.

I attached the handle to the main body by drilling some holes in each piece and mating them with a dowel. Then coated it with some leftover butcher block conditioner I had purchased for the tiny house kitchen counter.

The finished project came out a little rugged looking, but it gets the job done. I figured it would go perfectly with the hard cider we brew on occasion.

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