What does it cost to get started in beekeeping?

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a beekeeper, you’re probably wondering what it costs to get started. Here is a breakdown of some of the associated costs to start the hobby.

This page contains affiliate links to the products that I use in my apiary. Using the links to purchase items won’t cost you any extra $ but does pay me a commission that helps support more projects and articles like this one.

Prices are up to date as of the publishing of this article but may change over time.

Langstroth Hive – $86.96    Read my article on the different types of hives I have here.

Beekeeping Suit – $47.99

Beekeeping Gloves – $10.39

Hive Tool – $6.99

Hive Smoker – $17.95

Waterer/Feeder – $12.08

Honey Jars – $24.95

Package of Bees – $180  You will need to pickup bees at a local distributor. This link is for those located in the Pacific Northwest

Total Costs for bare essentials = $350.28

Extra Items to Consider:

Bars Similar to the Flow Hive – $117 (I bought a Flow Hive itself to support their Kickstarter however this is a less expensive option especially if you already have a hive box. You will need to modify a hive box or buy a box meant to be used with them, and use a queen excluder with this product)

Original Flow Hive – $699 This is an expensive option. I would look into this only after you’d been beekeeping for a season or two to see if you enjoy it.

Apimaye Ergo Plus 10 Frame Langstroth Insulated Bee Hive – $380 These are cool if you live in an area with a harsh climate.

Queen Excluder – $18.74

Electric Honey Extractor – $379.99 These are super cool for extracting honey.

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