Making More Fig Trees

Figs are one of those natural ways to satisfy a sweet tooth. We have one tree at my folks house, but would love to plant more out at the farm property.

To accomplish this, I would be taking some cuttings from our healthy tree, dipping them in some rooting hormone, and then putting them into some soil.

Our fig trees sent out two new shoots around the base of the tree and also had some odd branches that needed pruned. These would make perfect starts for new trees. The cuttings were approximately 9 inches long. One rule of cuttings is to ensure you indicate which end of the cutting was towards the root, and which end was pointing upward. The downward end will be the end dipped into the rooting hormone.

For the next steps I tried a technique by JSacadura on his YouTube channel at

Essentially you use a knife to remove an inch-long shaving at the lower end, exposing the cambium layer of the tree before dipping it in the rooting compound. Then you plant it horizontally into some moist peat moss.

I used this rooting hormone which was purchased from Amazon. (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, so if you’d like to help support this site, please use the link)

It worked great! Here are the results after 5 weeks.




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