Farm Truck

Farm Truck
If you run a farm, you need a truck. Luckily friends have helped me transport things up until this point but the logistics have been complicated and it was time I got a truck of my own.

I picked up this 86’ Ford F150 for $1100. It needs a bit of TLC and sure isn’t pretty but it is EXACTLY what I need for hauling wood, rocks, manure, and animals. I couldn’t justify spending tons of money on another vehicle that will get terrible gas mileage so I opted to keep car for commuting. Plus I’d rather take the money I saved in buying a cheap vehicle and reinvest it into my farm business. Money that is tied up in car equity doesn’t generate income, whereas if that same money is used to expand my rabbitry I will see a return on my investment in a few months. Worst case scenario I can eat the rabbits. I can’t eat a truck.

Now that I can haul stuff I fully intend to become a biomass hoarder. If you want to get rid of grass clippings, leaves, food scraps, coffee grounds, tree cuttings… I am your guy. Shoot me a comment or email and we’ll arrange pickup.

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