Making Bars of Soap

The bodywash I was using had a lot of chemicals in it that I no longer wanted to rub on my body, so I switched back to bars of soap. The soap I found online was great, but super expensive (Like $5-6 per bar). Naturally my next step is always to ask, “How do I make this myself?”

So I picked up some materials and we began making some soap from household products, some colorant, and some scented oil. We followed the recipe from #RoyaltySoaps

This was a lot more fun than I anticipated. You have to be careful not to get the lye in your eyes or on your skin, but other than that the process is super simple.

The ingredients were olive oil, coconut oil, lye, colorant, and an “Orange Soda” scent.

We created lye by mixing ice water and sodium hydroxide (drain cleaner). Then we mixed this with a blend of olive oil and liquified coconut oil.

Then we mixed in the colorant powder and the scent for the soap.

A little more mixing with the hand blender and we poured it into the mold.

After 72 hours we removed it from the mold and cut it into bars. Then we left it out to harden up for a few more weeks before using.

The soap works great and smells super good.


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