We want to build an Earthship for our homestead, so we rented one

I’ve always wanted to build an Earthship on our property. The time has come to collect some additional information to put that plan into motion, so I set up a recon trip to Taos, NM where they were originally constructed.

Earthships utilize the ambient temperature of the Earth and are designed to take advantage of passive solar technology to keep the interior temperature a consistent comfortable temperature, without the use of any sort of HVAC unit. With the addition of solar panels and wind turbines this allows these homes to function extremely well off grid.

Not only are they energy efficient, they catch rainwater to use for drinking, and they incorporate greenhouses into the home for growing food in them as well. The idea is that all of your living needs can be met in a way that has a more positive impact on the Earth.

These things are the future of housing, and I am so glad I had the opportunity to stay in one! Check out the video of our recon trip below.


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