NEW Video of the Tiny House Build!

You may have seen some pictures of my tiny house, but now you can see the video of how I built it! I’m pumped about this video. I trying to keep the quality improving. I spent over 15 hours just in the editing process! Head over to my YouTube channel and give it a watch (link below). This video contains over four years worth of footage that I finally got around to editing, mainly because it’s to cold to be working outside with my shirt off šŸ˜‚. For those new to my content, I catch a lot of crap for not wearing a shirt while I build stuff… but to me there is almost nothing better than soaking in that vitamin D while building your dreams šŸ™‚ To all of you who have been watching, liking, and subscribing to my channel I appreciate it! šŸ™ My channel has some great momentum thanks to you!

Converting RV Trailer to Tiny House on Wheels (THOW) – YouTube


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