Tiny House Recap – Part 9 – Insulation

“We don’t really need to insulate the interior walls of the bathroom.”

I looked at my father like he was crazy.

“Dad, it helps with sound deadening. It’s a tiny house. Imagine taking a noisy shit while someone else is in the house. You could literally hear someone in the bathroom from anywhere in here.”

There was a brief pause before my father proceeded to laugh hysterically; keeled over, shaking uncontrollably, yet no noise… that kind of laugh, the way children react to potty joke induced humor. I was not as amused, however I must admit the thought of a potential female visitor listening to that horrendous sound echo through my house from literally any point in the house, is kinda funny. I’ll give him that.

IMG_20190519_194705 - Copy

There are places where you can cut corners in construction projects. In this case we could save money, or we could save dignity. This was my project, so my executive decision exceeded his lapse in judgement, and we insulated the entire house… including the bathroom.

IMG_20190503_173607 - CopyIMG_20180825_183638 - Copy - CopyIMG_20190516_130616 - CopyIMG_20190420_124625 - Copy

We used rockwool to insulate the walls, and I used 2 inch thick foam board for the ceiling. It is recommended to have a gap between your insulation and the roof so that air can flow through that space. This helps prevent moisture from forming and rotting out the wood for the ceiling. To accomplish this I taped scrap pieces of foam to the top of the board before sliding it into place to prevent it from pushing in too far.

IMG_20190518_120255 - CopyIMG_20190517_184117 - CopyIMG_20180803_182850 - Copy - CopyIMG_20180804_173052 - Copy - CopyIMG_20180810_175048 - Copy - Copy

Once all the insulation was in place I could begin the tedious work of cutting the plywood for the interior.

I’ll talk more about the interior in the next post.

You can see a video of my build below.


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