Making a Flint Striker with a Blacksmith Forge

I like making fire using more primitive methods. I have a great flint and steel kit that was gifted to me from my parents as a kid, but I’ve always wanted to make my own. I have some flint from a previous adventure. Now I just needed to craft the striker.


After recently purchasing a forge to work on my blacksmith skills, this would be the perfect small project to get back into the mix.

This page contains affiliate links to the products that I used in this build. Using the links to purchase items won’t cost you any extra $ but does pay me a commission that helps support more projects and articles like this one. Thanks for your ongoing support 🙂


The assembly of the forge kit was rather simple. I hooked it to some propane and fired it up. I used O1 tool steel purchased from Amazon as that was what many other blacksmiths online had recommended for this particular project.

Most strikers are rather small as they are survival items to be carried and space and weight are typically at a premium in ones pack, however this is mainly for demonstration purposes. I hate hitting my knuckles on sharp pieces of flint while practicing this technique so I made my striker rather large to avoid that unwanted contact.

I just love the orange glow of metal in a forge. I think it looks so cool.


Once I had hammered out enough material for my piece, I cut the excess metal away with my grinder. Then I stuck it back in the forge.


After hammering out the shape I wanted, I let the metal cool. Then I sanded it down with a belt sander to remove some of the imperfections.


Finally I assembled it with some flint, jute twine, and some char cloth to complete the kit.


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