Hot-Wiring the Beater Truck

Hot-wiring the Truck
It’s not every day that you have an old vehicle you can tear apart without much consequence. I had always wanted to learn how to hot-wire a vehicle, and here I had this truck that was destined for the scrap yard. I’m pretty sure the guys reading this article just got a little envious about what is about to happen. Using a multi-meter my father and I were able to distinguish the power, ignition and starter wires from amongst the rat nest of electrical jerry-rigging that had been done under the steering column. Using paperclips I poked through the wire insulation.  Touching the clips together completed the circuit. When the engine roared to life I felt like Jason Bourne, or James Bond, or someone who does cool manly stuff. We were able to boost my “new” truck with paperclips! It was really cool, Vin Diesel would have been proud. Vin Diesel also would have told me to steal a better car.

::Queue up the fast and furious theme music::

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