The 2015 Portland, OR Tiny House Conference

I attended the Tiny House Conference in Portland, OR. I’ve been wanting to build a small house out on our farm land for a while now, and thought this would be a great place to research some ideas before I solidified my plans.

There were some great lectures at the event, but the highlight for me was getting a chance to speak with some of my Tiny House Heros in person.

First up was Jenna. Her and her boyfriend had brought there house all the way from Illinois. I got a chance to tour the inside and took some photos.
tiny house conference 2

Next I had a chance to chat with Andrew Morrison.  He is an expert contractor and has some great videos out there on building with straw bales and tiny house construction. Andrew and his wife have a homestead in Southern Oregon where they teach alternative home-building classes.  They are very friendly and funny as well.

Last but not least I got to meet blogger Kristie Wolfe. Kristie is known for building her own house out in Idaho and becoming free of the traditional 9-5 job known as the rat race. What makes her situation more unique is that she created a 2nd tiny home in the forest in Hawaii. She has an impressive build resume.

All three of these people are legends in the tiny house community and have been inspirations in my own process of building a tiny house.

I hope our paths cross again in the future!

Update November 2019: Fast forward and my own tiny house build is finally complete!

You can see my own tiny house build video below!


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