Winter Babies – Goats, Rabbits, BSF Larvae

As I was preparing my house for the rental market I figured I’d give the rabbits some time outside in the yard. They cleared up all the weeds and ate the remainder of the winter kale. They also made some new additions to the farm.
Baby New Zealand White Rabbits 1 Baby New Zealand White Rabbits 2 Baby New Zealand White Rabbits 3
It’s been a fairly mild winter in the Northwest however we’ve had some really cold nights. I was pleasantly surprised to see we had lots of new Black Soldier Fly Larvae in the bins beneath the rabbit cages. The composting rabbit poop seems to be putting off plenty of heat. I transferred them into the composting pile. We will see how they fair as the weather warms up. You can ream more about BSFL here
Baby Kiko Goats Baby Kiko Goat 1
Our Kiko goats had several babies in the last 2 weeks. Our mama goat Luna had triplets, and her twin daughters each had twins of their own. Unfortunately one of the 7 babies died. Of the other 6, 4 are females and 2 are males. These are purebred Kikos and will be available for purchase in the Spring if you are interested.
Baby Kiko Goat 2
This little lady was the runt. When she was born she was too weak to even stand, and was having trouble sucking hard enough to get milk from her mother. Luckily Julie’s brother Bill came to the rescue and got her to feed off of her aunt, who had her babies a few days earlier, and had a better milk flow. She spent the night indoors with Bill, chillin’ but is now back with her mother.

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