Well, That Sucks – Fixing Our Burnt Up Well

Many of the components of our well burned up in a fire a few months ago. We have now had 2 fires come across our property since it’s purchase a few months ago. Getting water flowing again was at the top of our priority list.

Installing New Well Pipe
We couldn’t get electricity to the well pump which meant we would need to pull it up to the surface, by hand. We rigged a tractor with a bucket above the well and Julie and her father helped me to pull the pipe up piece by 10ft piece up out of the seemingly endless abyss. PVC pipe isn’t very flexible, so about every 20ft the pipe would crack at the connection fitting, spraying us with water.

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The well wire still seemed intact which was excellent because it is expensive! We purchased some replacement parts for the well and after a test in a swimming pool we set back out to the property.
Craig with Well Pipe
It was a team effort but together we lowered the pump back down into the well casing. This time we used PVC pipe with metal fittings.

We rigged a spigot to the pipe connecting the pitless adapter in the well casing and attached the new electric box to the outside. The fire caused us to cut our time short because too much ash was in the air to stay overnight however we are looking forward to getting back there to finish the job.

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