Weeding With Rabbits

In the past few months I’ve been traveling a bunch and in my absence the yard has gotten away from me. I hate weeding. It sucks and is a battle you can never win. The one upside however is that I really enjoy feeding weeds to my animals. They enjoy it, it’s nutritious, and it saves me money on my feed costs.

Spraying the weeds is not an option. I don’t want to contaminate my yard as it is where I grow a considerable amount of my food.

Let’s see if we can turn the problem into the solution.

Releasing rabbits into my yard
Today I released 2 does into my small backyard to gobble up the weeds. I created a small shelter for them and left out water for them to drink. I put up some railroad ties at questionable areas of my fence to discourage leaving. Thus far they seem to love their new area. They are learning how to run as they were born in cages and this is their first time in the “wild” so to speak.
craig w rabbit house 3
I had put off this experiment because I thought the rabbits would dig under my fence or have issues with the neighborhood cats. Now I have a good number of rabbits at the house and can afford to spare some for this experiment.

Should they do well and assuming they don’t decimate my raised beds I’ll release a buck out there in a few months and cue up some slow jams.
rabbit in new area
“If these are meat rabbits how will you harvest them?”
Great question hypothetical question asker! I mentioned in an earlier post I’ve been studying primitive skills. I’d really like to learn how to create snares and think this would be a good opportunity to see which ones work best in a controlled environment, when I’m not starving and depending on the traps.

As always, thanks for reading and stay tuned for our upcoming projects.

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