Using a Fodder System to Feed Chickens and Rabbits

wheat fodder experiment 2
While we supplement their diet with our leftover food scraps, the animals at the farm still eat a lot of store bought feed. In an attempt to become more sustainable and save money, I’ve been experimenting with a fodder system (which is basically another way of saying sprouting wheat seeds). Sprouts are supposed to be very nutritious for your animals and can be fed to chickens, rabbits, and goats. If the animals like eating it I will likely start producing this on a much larger scale and utilize the excess water from my rain barrels.

wheat fodder experiment 3
Wheat seeds that were sprouted to use as food for the chickens and rabbits

The seeds are from Lakamas Feed Supply off of 4th Plain in East Vancouver. A bag cost between $10-15. Initially you soak the seeds for 24 hours, and then pour them evenly about 3/4” deep into a tray with drainage holes. According to the other videos I have seen if you water them twice a day they should be ready to harvest by day 7, however mine have taken a bit longer. This may be due to the lack of sun we’ve been getting in this area.
wheat fodder experiment

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