Indoor Aquaponics: The War on Bugs


January 13, 2013

Have you ever seen the movie Starship Troopers?

That is my life right now. I am at war with the bugs.

Not one week after getting my aquaponics system fully functional the bugs have taken over (as shown by the small photo in the upper right).

Luckily we found an organic pesticide recipe so that I could fight back.

By grating a bar of castile soap (coconut oil based), melting it with water over the stove, and pouring the mixture into a spray bottle I had my weapon of mass destruction.

Now all that remained was to administer the pain.

After my system had been ethnically cleansed the bugs appear to be gone. I appear to have won this battle.

*An organic pesticide is important because the water that fills the beds will push the chemicals down into the fish tank. Harmful chemicals would kill/poison the fish. The whole point of this system is to have healthy, organic foods that are not full of chemicals.

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