Bee Hive Update


Date Completed: May 1, 2012

“Shit! They are inside my suit!โ€

The window on the hive was caving in, so I had to open the hive and nail it in place. Note: Hammering inside a bee hive pisses off the bees.
They snuck in my suit through a small hole by the zipper (I should have paid closer attention and closed it) and proceeded to sting me multiple times; chest, back, neck, neck again… etc. As I was retreating one such bee still trapped in my suit decided to try to sting me in the eyeball (which was scary to say the least) At that moment I pictured explaining to my friends why I needed an eyepatch… so I proceeded to smash the bee with my hand against my face. “A red moon rises, blood has been spilt this night.”

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